Peony Season

I live for peony season every year. You know, the 3 weeks where you can buy peonies at Trader Joe's for $5 a bunch? Paris has done wonders for my obsession with flowers - the fleurs are so gorgeous here in the spring.
I resisted buying them for as long as possible, but then we stumbled across these gorgeous peonies in every shade of pink at a farmer's market in Marais on Saturday. I had to have some! 
I chose the deep magenta color, but they also had soft pink, white, and red versions. They were ~8 Euros for the bunch. Can't beat that, especially when they're normally ~$10 per stem!
We didn't have any vases around our apartment (I searched high and low) so I had to settle for this glass. It's working out okay although the blooms are rapidly opening and may outgrow the tiny glass soon. They're already making our little apartment feel more cozy. XOXO