Washington DC

So I know I'm all over the place, but I have so much going on! I'm going to Washington DC next semester and I just found out a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I'm excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time.

Lately I've been stocking up on warm clothes. Today's weather in Georgia is close to 75 degrees - in the middle of NOVEMBER! So you can see why I don't get around to buying a lot of really warm clothes.

I just bought this wool Old Navy jacket. I chose red so I can represent UGA in DC! :)

I bought some really pretty Ralph Lauren gloves the other day. They are deep purple with a pretty black leather bow on the cuff. I can't find a picture online to post though! :(

I ALSO ordered these mustard yellow gloves (you can never have too many pairs - right?) from Target! I love the color and the bow. They're sheepskin so they should keep my hands warm!

I am excited about all of the fun things to do in DC in the spring. When it is not frigidly cold, I want to go kayaking or canoeing on the Potomac River, eat at the adorable cupcake shops scattered around DC (check out some of the cute shops here, here, and here), go to Eastern Market every weekend, and go to the National Cherry Blossom Festival in March and April!


Meaghan said...

I like the color of those gloves too! Go Jackets!