DIY Ombré Glitter Nails

This weekend, my BFF, Kristina, came to visit me in San Francisco. While she was here, we painted our nails in this ombré glitter look. Below is the step-by-step tutorial, if you'd like to try it.

What you'll need: 
-A base color (you can use any color but we used Tickle My France-y by OPI)
-A sparkly, metallic color (we used Glitzerland by OPI)
-A glitter polish (we used an older polish, but this Grow Up Already by OPI seems really similar)
-A top coat
{PS - those of you who know Kristina will appreciate Punschka, who is featured in this picture!}

How to accomplish this look:
-Paint two coats of your base color and let it dry completely.
-Paint a swipe of the sparkly, metallic color at the top of each nail and let it dry completely.
-Starting at the top of each nail, take the glitter color and brush downwards. Be sure to ease up on your brushstroke towards the middle of each nail. It might look a little thick at first, but the top coat will help to smooth it all out.
-Paint a top coat and let it dry completely.
-If you'd like, paint a 2nd top coat (I did mine the next day!) to smooth it out even more.

That's all there is to it! We chose this nude and gold ombré combination, but I think it would be adorable in other colors too. 

Our sparkly nails were perfect for our girls weekend in San Francisco. 

PS - here is one other take on ombré nails that I'd love to try soon. Happy Labor Day everyone! XO